Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Easton's Knight in Shining Armor 3rd Birthday

Easton absolutely loves Knights in Shining Armor, and thinks he truly is one. So for his third birthday we threw it at Adventure Park. I had just had London, and my Sister had just had Wayne, so we threw a small party (and when I say small I mean just family, all 45 of us). Below is a picture of my Husband holding our little Knight, and he insisted on wearing his costume.

He seems to cry at every birthday party. This time it was because he wanted to open MORE presents....poor guy!

Below is a picture of my Sister, her two boys, my two kids, and me. I don't know if you noticeed, but we got Easton to take off his costume. And, my Mom bought all of us matching shirts from Signals for Christmas that said: Mine-"queen mommy of 2", Sister-"haute mommy of 2", Mom's-"queen grandma of 4", and my Mom's Sister-"great auntie of 4". I loved mine! And wore it so often I had to make myself change my wardrobe up.

Below is my Dad, the proud Grandpa. He loves his Grandkids, and we are lucky to have him too. He has pictures holding the older two boys (who are 5 months apart), and then holding the younger two (who are 9 days apart). I know, I know, my Sister and I could have spaced them out a bit, but we didn't!!!

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