Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

So the Easter weekend was super fun for us, even though it was busy! Friday I took off work at noon, and we took the kids to the movies to see the movie "Hop". It was really cute, but my Daughter is too young for the theatre, or so we learned. Then Friday night I boiled eggs and put them back in the fridge to get cold, and baked cupcakes for my Sister-in-law's thirteenth birthday part at the zoo on Saturday. So Saturday morning we got up early, frosted said cupcakes, got everyone ready and drove one hour north to the zoo. The kids had a blast at the zoo, almost lost our little one as she thinks everyone is fun to walk with! After that trip I was convinced I need a leash!! We got home from the zoo and the picnic and after everyone had rested a bit, the kids were ready to dye some eggs.
London helped first...
Easton helped next...
They were sooooo excited when the eggs actually turned colors! Easton's favorite is always green, but our green was WEAK this year, so other colors started taking precedent.
The Easter Bunny brought the kids new baskets (because last years matching buckets got left on the back porch and are now rusty/disgusting), butterfly nets, bug catchers, PEZ dispensers, chocolate bunnies, swimming goggles, lots and lots of candy, and Easton: a boat for search and rescue missions, and London: peeps lipstick (which we did have to take away since she keeps eating it!!).
Grandma took her little ducklings on a walk, and helped them find their special eggs.
Easton found his yearly green egg. Doesn't he look thrilled to post for my pictures?!

My sweet nephew, Knight III, hunting for his very own eggs, playdoh, and hula hoop.

The Queen Grandma pulled this dress out and washed it for me. She asked if London could wear it for Easter because it was my Easter dress approximately twenty (cough cough)-seven years ago. Doesn't my sweet girl look so sweet wearing her Mommy's very own Easter dress. When I put the little petti-slip on underneath the dress London swayed back and forth saying "pitty Mommy pitty". She did look pretty, and I was so excited for my family to see this sweet one.

The Queen Grandma LOVES to take Pumpkin Carriage rides, so TJ hooked up the tractor and took all of the kids and a few choice adult/teenage chaperone's for rides.

This picture is especially neat because you can see the pumpkin carriage being pulled around the vineyard, and in the background is the house. That house was built in 1875, and my Great Great Grandpa bought it in 1896. My Great Grandpa Renaud was born in that house and passed in the house; my Grandpa was born in a small house (that no longer stands) just to the northeast of the house), and now my parents live there with my Grandma (who thinks she's the Queen). The house still has many of the original fixtures and character that it had, but has been upgraded by my parents in the last 3 years. Well I hope everyone had a great Easter. We enjoyed our family and friends.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our little Queen's most special dresses

I have so much going on, and nothing really going on, so I'm going to share some of our little Queen's special baby baby dresses. When London was about 1 month old and Easton was 3 years old, we took the kids to Disneyland for a few days away. Queen Grandma couldn't stand the thought of our little wearing off the rack Disney clothes, so she got out her sewing machine and all of the local animals came around to help. Below is a picture of the closet with a few of the special items we took for the kids to wear. A picture of my most precious/fiesty from the start little wearing her Cinderella inspired Christening-esque dress. I always wanted long long dresses to put on my Daughter so Queen Grandma knew just what I had in mind. We are waiting in line to pick up our season passes at the Happiest Place on Earth! The second day our sweet little debuted her Belle inspired dress, and as you can see my Daughter was very good as showing how she felt. Queen Grandma also made receiving blankets out of Disney fabric for each day we were there. So when London was ready to be snuggled up like a burrito, she would be matching and ready for any Disney adventure. At my Baby Shower for London, Queen Grandma surprised me with a sketch of this Christening-esque dress made from one of my highschool dresses. When we picked it up we were in love, although we wish it was a tad bigger. Not too far from our houses there are gorgeous trees with green grass, so treked out there in search of a pretty back drop. *You can really see how long this dress truly is in this photo. And an up close photo of my little Queen laying in a bed of wishes. Oh how I miss that sweet chubby baby! She has turned into a full fledged TWO YEAR OLD TODDLER!!!!