Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby's New Nursery

I have been working on "designing" the new baby boy's room. And we have come up with a sophisticated pallet for this nursery. We want orange, tan, white and navy blue. Here is a picture of the crib wall as I have it pictured. Obviously, the door is the door into the room and it opens up directly to where the crib will be placed. I plan to sew a wall drape to hang behind the crib out of drop cloth material and orange textured cotton. We may make or hang something over the crib, but for now we haven't found the perfect thing. The cream/white rectangle to the right is a small bookshelf which will be painted to match the dresser and armoire going on the adjoining walls.
The bedding we plan to use is from Pottery Barn.
The armoire we have is very similar to this one found at County Living.

The Bombay chest we have is very very similar to this one found at Sarah Jane Furniture.
The crib we have was purchased for our first on, used for our Daughter, and will be used again for our new Son. It was purchased from Babies-R-Us, but is a Stork Craft in Cognac.We plan to paint the ceiling with white and navy blue stripes like in the picture below found on cantyshanty via google.

So, these are the staple items, and I will post pictures as we go. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do!