Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easton's Green Elephant and Owl 2nd Birthday Party

On with the pictures of the parties that I've personally thrown. Below is my Son's second birthday. This birthday was exceptionally hard to do because my Mother-in-law (who helped me soooooooo very much with EVERYTHING) passed away about 10 days before this party. The invitations had already gone out, and I had already paid the deposit on the spot. And we considered not having the party at all, but everyone said to do it anyways. So we did, and it was scaled down drastically, but I'm glad we did it.

Easton cried when everyone sang to him. I really think the emotions of the day just overwhelmed my sweet two year old.

Easton got his first set of golf clubs at this birthday party. He absolutely loved them, and still does. The only problem is that Easton is left handed, and they only sold right golf clubs, so he hits the wrong way, but we will eventually get him a bigger set, a BIG BOY SET.

Peggy from Creative Cakes created this adorable elephant and owls cake. I was amazed and overwhelmed when I saw the cake! I mean, Peggy does incredible work!!

Can you see the owls piped on the sides of the cake...WOW! And my Son's favorite color is green, and has been for years, and so she mixed the green icing just perfectly!!!

The favors were plastic buckets full of fun stuff: monkey washmits, monkey toothbrushes, fruit snacks, plastic animals, candy, and a very special scarf made by Mother and I. We took regular fleece and cut it into strips, and then cut the fringe at the bottom. We then took fabric that had the appropriate animals on it, and stitched it onto one side and layered matching fleece underneath. On the otherside we stitched felt letters on.

Above is the girl version. The fabric we used was owls, and hot pink fleece, and aqua felt letters. During this time period my Son wore scarves often, so I thought "lets give each one of the kids their own scarf too". I don't know if the kids ever wore them or not, but I LOVED making them!

Above you can see the tablescapes, and Easton's giraffe rain boots.
I love throwing parties, and especially if they are for my kids! I am going to keep showing you pictures of parties I've thrown, or helped with in one way or another. I hope you enjoy, and please leave me links to your parties!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Etsy feature!!!!!

We were featured on etsy yesterday!! Please click here to view the treasury. What an awesome feeling it is to be featured, I mean, that means someone else likes the same things you like!! Congratulations Mom, you know how to rock the vintage couture like no one else!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Easton's 1st Robot Birthday Party

I have been looking through all of these great parties, and it reminds me of my own Son's birthday parties. I always love to throw parties, and luckily, my Mom does too! We have opted to have my Son's parties at a place because I just don't have the room in my house to hold the amount of family we have. So, for the first three years we held his party at Adventure park in Visalia.
Easton's first birthday smashing his little cake. I don't know if you can see that cake, but it was amazing!! Peggy from Creative Cakes created this cake from a book that we loved. We took a picture of the cover, and she went to town creating this beautiful boys cake!

Here is a close up of the cake, and the amazing colors Peggy came up with. You can also see the cupcakes that my Mother-in-law made for the party (before they were displayed), and the coloring sheets we printed for the kids.Here is Easton opening one of his presents (from G.G. and Pop). I don't know if you can see this, but he has on robot robeez, and I wore a robot shirt from Wet Seal, and Jewelry from Forever 21.Oh boy was Easton made....his Chi (his Aunt) and Cousin wouldn't let him touch their tickets....
My Mom and I created all of these bowling bags as the favors. We had a few new babies attend also, so we included fleece blankets with robots printed on them for those little ones. Attached to the bowling bags were little robot bags with each one of the kids names on them, and they were filled with candy, color crayons, coloring pages depicting robots, fruit snacks, and tooth brushes!

When I finally settled on the theme, my Mom got busy!! She started saving every robot-esque item she could find, and she made robots to sit on every table. Above is the Mother of all robots, and she is holding a Mommy robot, a Daddy robot, and a baby ETK robot (which I hang together on my christmas tree every year). She is made up of several glass vases, and plates, shot glasses, fibers, and anything else that looked bright.

Again, you will find the robots are made up of many different things, like aerosal cans duct taped together, and then adorned with fun and bright items!

Above is a jar covered in tin foil, with lemonade packages as the head with shot glasses for ears, and black tubing attached for the arms. Then we placed it on the table atop a blue serving tray! You really can create whatever you want!

It was such a Happy Birthday for my sweet Son Easton!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

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Friday, April 16, 2010

The TomKat Studio: {Fabulous Giveaway} Adorable Applique Shirt/Tank from Modern Frills

So most of you know that I love all things personalized and handmade, and this week on TomKat, Modern Frills is giving away an applique shirt. So I'm entering. Tell me what you think and go enter at: The TomKat Studio: {Fabulous Giveaway} Adorable Applique Shirt/Tank from Modern Frills . Some of Modern Frills designs are:

This blue and black crown is my favorite of all favorites!!

images by Modern Frills

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Tutu!!!

Please visit to put your name in to win one of these beautiful tutu's. The tutu's are available for purchase through I love the rainbow one, which one do you love?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter! Easter! Easter!

The weekend started with boiling 45 eggs, and then dying 18 of them! Luckily, I had plenty of little hands to help. Green was the winning color, as usual.

Cute, right?

They truly love each other!

Wow! The Easter Bunny did a great job! (or so I think!) London's bucket was full with a new spring outfit, books, gardening gloves, watering can, peeps and a few other little things. Easton's bucket was full with a new movie, books, gardening gloves, socks, hose nozzle, watering can, hand sanitizer, peeps, and a few other little things.

Easter morning is always fun when you have kids to enjoy it with.

Well, first thing she found was the peeps, and luckily for me, it made for a really cute picture!

In Easter attire. It was cold, so leggings and boots were a must!

She found he share of Easter eggs with the help of a very special Grandpa.

Grandma and Daddy are trying on the bunny's harness to take "her" for a walk. My Sister named her Adelle, and she is a sweet little baby. Easton said that is was very nice of the jack rabbits to bring him a bunny for easter.

My Mom hid bouncy balls for each one of the kids to find. Of course Easton absconded the green one!

London needed a little help on the walk up to the barn.

And for some reason my little tutu wearing princess loves dirt! I guess she has to keep up with her Brother and cousins. The four cousins closest to her in age are ALL BOYS!

The Fairy Grandmother left a few extra special finds for our little princess...

She is waiting for her turn to pet the chickens.

Easton always picks the green!!

Sweet boy was waiting his turn....

...all the chicks...

So, Happy Easter from our family to yours!