Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ashley's Pink Posh Baby Shower

I helped with a baby shower some time ago for my cousin Ashley when she was expecting a precious baby girl Sophia. The shower was held at Campagnia in the patio area and was just beautiful. Hot pink gerber daisies were laid out on the tables and exhibited in stainless cans.
Ashley's friend had the cake made and it turned cute with the hot pink bow on top.

Now for my part in the shower! My Mom and I did the favors for the shower. We took notepads and made sleeves to fit down over the notepad that showed a small bird with an S (for Sophia). We then punched holes in the front of the notepad and tied ribbon and fibers through the top. We also tied a pink ribbon around the bottom, so we could attach pins that we made for everyone.
This picture shows the pins much better! We took small pieces of pre-cut glass and used soldering tape to seal them up. Between the glass we printed pictures of Ashley (Mommy to be) and decorated them using sweet baby girl sayings and glitter. We then wrapped wire around the outside for a bit more texture.

As everyone knows already...I LOVE BELLY MOLDS!!! I was honored to do my cousins belly and then she gave me the opportunity to decorate it however I saw fit!

Here is an up close picture of the belly mold, and Ashley and I both joked that "that's what she looks like naked"! It gave us both a good laugh!

Ashley is a beautiful person, and I was lucky to be a part of her day!

My gift consisted of a hand covered S for Sophia's room. I used the colors that Ashley was using in the nursery and it turned out beautifully!

And before the shower I had a shirt for made for Easton: a pink button down shirt with "Sophia's Cousin" embroidered on teh back. He was the talk of the afternoon!

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  1. I love seeing your stuff, Leah. You and your mom are so talented and it looks like you're having fun doing it all. You've inspired me :) Hope you are well. ~ Alexus ~