Wednesday, May 5, 2010

London's Pink Zebra Baby Shower

Most of you have seen this picture before. It is my Mom (the Queen Grandma), me (the Queen Mommy), and little "Queen" London in my belly. My Mom and Cousin threw me this amazing baby shower right before I had our little queen. I was soo into zebra print, and London's nursery was done in brown and white zebra stripes and pink. So, Mom and Janice hosted about 35 people for lunch and desert.

Pictured above was the main lunch table. Janice has a glass table that holds ten people, so Mom laid lace table clothes down first, and then zebra printed fabric over. They then took pink glass vases and weighted them with river rocks and stood tree branches up inside of them. They make a very powerful impact right?!

Next, they tied ribbon and fibers onto the tree branches and clipped glittery birds every so often.

They also filled different glass jars lots of pink, soft fabrics, glittery anything, and treasured momentos from my life as a little girl.

Above you can see one of the jar is filled with pink and white pearls, silver glittery leaves, and little paper swans. You can also see (duhn, duhn, duh DUHN!!!!) a hand drawn dress. Let me just tell you this little story: at the end of my first year in high school, there was a ceremony called "Recognition" where the school recognizes all the student athletes for their accomplishments. My Mom had a dress made for me from a boutique called What's Up Europe. So I wore that dress for recognition, and it is made from the most beautiful off white raw silk. So again I had some of my senior pictures taken in it when I graduated, and so for my baby shower my Mom had that dress repurposed into a beautiful gown for London. I will share it with you all some day. I was so happy, and surprised. The same dress maker that made that dress, and re-made the dress for London also hand made my wedding dress, and every single one of my bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. Oh, the money they've made off of us!

Okay, so back to my baby shower....Above is another jar that was on one of the additional tables. And you can see the favors. I had saved baby food jars, so my Mom filled them with kisses, and tied ribbon and fibers to the little jars.

You can see the sock animals my Mom made for London above. There is a white goat, a pink mouse (that started out as a pig), and a pink and purple zebra. I love the way my Mom embellishes EVERYTHING.

With both pregnancy's I made belly molds just so I could see the difference from one baby to the next, so above is me on my shower day which is about 3 weeks before I had London, my belly mold before Easton (approximately 34-35 weeks) and my belly mold before London (approximately 35-36 weeks).
Again, Creative Cakes created the cake, and each cake gets better, and better! The silhouette above is from the invitations my Mom used, and Peggy truly is an artist!!!
Here you can see the bar where my Mom set up the cake and the tower of tutu's! That was a super cute idea and it ended up looking adorable.
Easton came by at the end of the shower, and he wanted to try on my shoes. Someday he will be so embarassed by these!!

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