Monday, May 24, 2010

Rainbow Party Collection

I'm going to start showing what I love to do. I created this rainbow collection for a little girl turning 2.5! A friend of mine asked if I would donate a gift certificate to her Daughter's fundraiser at school. I created this vase filled with a sample of my collection, and also donated a matching shirt to which ever collection the lucky winner chooses.

So today I put together a collection of party ideas.

You can purchase my DIY Rainbow Paper Party Collection here.

Here is an up close picture of the collection printed and assembled for the give-away.

Assemble balloons in the rainbow colors around the party, and make an arch over the table. Photo courtesy of Care2

You could totally tint chocolate, and cover oreos in the rainbow colors. Dipping stuff into chocolate is a fun and inexpensive way to make your party look posh! Photo courtesy of The TomKat Studio

Can you imagine how amazed your guests would be by this table. I mean, come on, the table cloth is a-mazing!!! Photo courtesy of Mama Loves To Shop

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  1. that tablecloth really IS amazing,but seriously, who has time to sew up something like that? And what do you do with it once it's done? Rent it to people? LOL

    Thanks again for making Miss Muffet's signs and things. They were really cute. The Happy Birthday banner is still hanging up! :)