Thursday, May 12, 2011

Harboring a little secret...

So, you know how I've been saying that I'm super busy, and I just can't find the motivation to craft, and how London wore a shirt that had to be decoded by the rest of our family? Well that's because we are having another baby!!! Surprise, another little King or Queen is on the way, and we just can't wait to meet the little avocado (you see, babycenter says that as of today, our little baby is the size of an avocado)!! We will find out in about 3 weeks what sex the baby is, and we can't wait. Eddie and I think we have come up with the perfect names, but we are going to keep the names a secret until we know what the baby is. THEN, we are going to surprise the Queen Grandma. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do a reveal that is special and fun? Please let me know! So without further ado....BABY KING 3

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kylie's Vintage/Modern Pink/Green/Black Wedding

This past weekend the Queen Grandma helped to decorate for a wedding that took place in Visalia. The colors were hot pink, lime green, and black and white. My Dad was the officiant, so here is the Queen Grandma and Grandpa lighting candles before hand.

Kylie and her Father walking long path to the aisle.
Below is a photo of Mike and Kylie hand in hand during the ceremony. You can see the piece that the Queen Grandma re purposed from Roxanne's wedding. It is an apparatus that is covered in fabrics that match the wedding, and frames are tied to hang within the art piece.
Thank goodness Kylie provided bubbles for their exit. We utilized those a little early! Easton wanted to know when it was going to be over....AND the wedding hadn't even started yet!!!
Here is a little bit better picture of the altar, the bride and groom, and the aisle. The Queen Grandma and the Mother of the Bride spent two hours on their hands and knees laying rose petals down the aisle in the shapes of scrolls. Well, needless to say, they just look like petals after approximately 7 bridesmaids and the bride!
Congratulations Mike & Kylie!!
After the ceremony, as the guests were leaving we let our kids run wild for a little bit! Easton blew bubbles and London chased them.
Since Grandpa officiated the wedding, we had to get a picture at the altar. Maybe someday Grandpa can marry them...someday, someday a lot time from now!
Queen Grandma re purposed the cupcake stand as well at this wedding. The Bride did something unbelievable....she made everyone of those cupcakes for the reception herself!!
Below is a photo of the cake table and cupcake stand. In addition to the cupcakes and cake, the venue served cheesecake...mmmm!! Easton loved his first piece of cheesecake, while London thought it was disgusting! Queen Grandma decorated this table using a glass jar full of bridal pieces, black and white fabric, mossy ferns, a vintage iron table, and wood chips.
A better picture of the actual cake table.
The Bride also cut out circles from her favorite book and cardstock to match the colors to spread throughout the reception.
My Son started to get bored waiting for the bridal he built a fork sculpture!
And here is the sweet little Queen BEFORE the wild hit her. It was hard to sit still for that long. She was wild, not bad in any way, just busy, busy, busy!
...but London took the time to sit and attentively listen to the bridal parties toasts.
London asked to dance with the groom, so she paid for her dance!
Kylie also provided a photo booth. The Kings happily obliged to take a photo... Obviously, I wasn't quite ready for the picture to be taken, but you get the idea!