Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...goats and a funny story...

So firstly, I would like to introduce 2 goats to you...Emma and George. Emma is standing on top of the crate and George is somewhat hiding behind the crate. For the Queen Grandma's 50th birthday we adopted two 8 week old baby goats. We surprised her with them.
Here they are after the Queen Grandma started to build then pen bigger as they grow. They are about 4 months old here.

When the goats pen was built out, the chickens were moved closer to the goats, so George is checking the chickens out and scoping the scene.

Here is my sweet Queen feeding the goats. Emma is the sweeter one, and she eats right out of the kids' hands. She also walks on leash. It's amazing to see my Daughter blossoming into a little farm girl.

Again, here is London feeding Emma. Emma happened to walk right up to London on this day and KISS HER right smack on the face. Well, I suppose a farm girl has a certain bond with her animal friends. So, on to the funny story...today the Queen Grandma looks out her window and sees a goat walking around her porch. So she quickly runs outside thinking that goats are out and loose. Well to her surprise, this goat on the porch IS NOT ONE OF HERS. Can you imagine the surprise when Queen Grandma see some random goat playing on her porch. She keeps teasing us that all the goats in the area can hear Emma cry for her, so they are coming to see what Emma is talking about. You see, Emma cries whenever the Queen Grandma leaves her...Emma wants to be right next to our Queen Grandma. So the neighbors come over (they have several goats, but all are pigmy goats) to see if this random goat is their goat...IT IS NOT THEIRS EITHER!!! So this leaves us wondering...whose goat is this and where did HE come from? Since HE is most definately a HE, Queen Grandma sent him to live with the pigmy's until his proper owner can be found, or forever depending on whether or not he gets along with the pigmy's. But one thing is for sure....HE can not live with the Queen Grandma. We do not need any more baby goats on this farm!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Capri's Sweet Lemonade First Birthday Party

So I would like to introduce you to a super sweet one year old, Capri!
Capri's Mommy planned and made almost everything for this amazingly sweet birthday party. you can see Capri discovering her birthday cake with one itty bitty little finger...

Capri's Daddy made something pretty great (if you ask me)....HER VERY OWN LEMONADE STAND!!! There were bottles of pink lemonade sitting out on the stand along with a personalized chalkboard. This stand (and Capri, of course) is going to the epitome of the lemonade girls.
Here is the sweets table filled with lots of yummy pink and yellow treats. I'm not sure if you can see them, but on the left of the picture the invitation is framed. I only mention this because QUEEN LONDON'S CARRIAGE designed it specifically for Miss Capri. And the treat bags on the right also have 2.5" round circle labels designed to match ;).
Below is the "sour" table....love that!!! Capri's Mommy set out lemonade, pink lemonade and water for all of the birthday partiers. Capri's Mommy had us design the water bottle labels and the labels for the lemonade stands.

Here is an up close photo of the "pink lemonade" label attached by pink and white ribbon.Isn't this table scape just amazing, and perfect for an outdoor first birthday?
Below is a picture of the water bottle labels which match the invites, all labels, the thank you notes. I'm so glad these worked out so well, and the labels withstood the ice bucket too!Here is the birthday cake and cupcake display, and I just think it looks so great! Capri's Mommy made all of this stuff herself, and I think it takes the cake!
A very special first birthday cake with cute yellow petit fours below...
Sugar cookies with yellow frosting.....mmmmmmm
Thank you so much Christine for letting me help with Capri's party, and I hope I can get you to write a few tutorials on how you made all of this super sweet stuff!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Super top secret spy birthday party

Last weekend our Son had his 5th birthday party. I am really trying to scale back on the decorations, and make it more fun for the kids because that's where is really matters. So here was our sweets table. I used 2 yards of herringbone fabric hung from a metal clothing rack (that the Queen Grandma had stashed away), and an "Easton" banner made by my good friend from Birthday Bliss.

We had Capri Sun's (because all kids love those!), caramel apples with sprinkles and some with peanuts, and cupcakes. These cupcakes were sooo good, and out of 48, I had only 9 left ;). I made the bottom layer chocolate fudge, then french vanilla, and the top layer was died teal green to match the party.

I made the fans, last minute of course, by cutting the herringbone paper into strips and folding it. I glued it together and added the 5 cut out to the center. And all of the cupcake toppers were made to match the invitations with Perry the Playtpus on them. Perry seemed to fit the theme perfectly as he is a secret spy on Phinneas and Ferb, as well as Easton has a shirt with "Agent P" on it.

Yes, I stacked my corningware up and made my own make-shift cake platter. I think it turned out cute, so that's all that matters!!!

We went on a mission around the house. I only took pictures of the first stop because frankly it was cooooold, and all of us were running to try to get back inside the house! So the first instruction:
1. Follow the crooked porch until you find the blue table with your investigative tools on it. (notepads covered in matching paper and pencils)
2. The goats will know where to go next. (Queen Grandma has goats, so we stuck all the kids party blowers near them pen)
3. Find row 7 and you will find your disguises for your last mission. (plastic glasses with the fake noses attached)
4. Crawl through to doorways and don't touch the lazer beams. (I took string and ran it through 2 doorways and one room, and everyone had to crawl through the string and try not to touch the "lazer beams")
5. Find the last window for your top secret identities. (I made identification cards for each kid that has their photo on it, their age, and their secret code for mission (which was their initials))

Here is our most special birthday boy. We can't believe our first baby is 5 years old....oh how I remember when he was so tiny, and I could dress him up and get him to smile for me.
The littlest knight shared his lolli-pop with our very own little Queen. Thanks Grandma for providing such a LARGE lolli-pop........ It was sweet that they were sharing. And the little Queen had a coordinating outfit to the rest of us. She had on white lace leggings, black lace up boots, herringbone panties, a black tutu, a special shirt that was decoded by the family, and a matching hairbow.

Happy Birthday my sweet Son. Mom and Dad love you so much and feel so lucky to get the opportunity to raise you.