Thursday, May 20, 2010

Roxanne's Vintage Anthropology Inspired Green Wedding

Last year my Cousin got married, and her ideas for her wedding were a vintage "Anthropology" inspired green wedding. Well my Mom's wheels started turning, and you will see below what she came up with. Below is the "altar" that was created. My Mom took different fabrics and tied them to a ladder-ish hanger, and we suspended the backdrop from the metal arbor. Then a white harvest table was placed underneath it. We placed silver candleabra's, rusted urns filled with bark and tree branches, glass vases filled with the same flowers that were placed in the bouquets, and candles.

Below is the bbq pit area (that was not used) decorated, and do you see the vintage suitcase? That is what held their cards. We framed large poster sized prints of the couple, and set them out here and there.

On the table we mismatched vintage table clothes, quilts, and new fabrics that flowed well with the theme. The brides friend planted and grew herbs for each of the guests, and the favor given out by the couple was that they donated to their favorite charity.

On to the yummiest part of this wedding! The bride had cupcakes instead of hte traditional cake, and even had vegan cupcakes as many of the bridal party and immediate family are vegan. Mom displayed them on these glass topped cake stands, and it brought that glam factor in.

Next, my Mom had this vision of cupcakes stacked all over this iron piece she has had forever. It was hard for me to envision, but when it was done the iron piece was the perfect compliment to anthropology inspired wedding. Notice the cupcakes stacked on the branches that were cut cross ways. Mom found those branches on the side of the road, so she hauled them home, and had them cut.

More cupcakes on those cake stands. Those cake stands were used at my wedding, and have been borrowed by just about everyone for some special event, and now used at this wedding.

Below is an up-close picture of the cupcakes sitting atop the wood pieces. It really is a stunning way to display yummy cupcakes.

Roxanne and Aaron had a beautiful day, and we were so glad to be a part of it!

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