Friday, January 14, 2011

The Queen Grandma's Enchanted Winter Golden Birthday Party!

My Dad and I surprised my Mom (the Queen Grandma here) with a "Gold" birthday party. I stole most of the items used to decorate from her house (and she barely noticed)!! So here is table 1: a fat glass apothecary jar filled with moss sitting atop a sheet of matching printed paper. We filled those blue bowls with cake balls, and sugar cookies!
Here is a cake pedestal with a cloche sitting atop. I designed and handmade each one of those carriage fans.
Here is one of the taller vases filled with silver twigs and whispy grass and one of the hand made fans.
A close up of the table after the cupcakes were placed out. I don't know if you can see that frosting on those cupcakes, but it is chocolate chip frosting, and tastes JUST LIKE chocolate chip cookie dough.....A-MAZING!!
The gift table was just as you entered the building.
The CAKE!!! It was made Olivia of Piece O Cake by Olivia, and tasted amazing! The cake was french vanilla with the same chocolate chip buttercream....mmmmmmmmmm!!!
I know the cake table wasn't amazing, but I didn't anticipate how large the tables would be, nor did I remember to bring serving plates for those yummy-yummy sugar cookies.
I made red velvet and cream cheese cake balls. I think I learned my lesson...either I'm not a perfectionist (which is totally true) and/or I made these way too big and they kept falling off of the sticks. It didn't matter though, there was not one left!!! You can find the recipe to my red velvet cake pops here.
And here is the Queen of my Heart....Queen London. She was quite the little dancer this evening, and stayed on the dance floor ALL NIGHT. And by all night, I mean until we left at 12:00am (midnight)!!!
And here is the King of his Mommy's Heart....such a sweet cute faux-hawk boy. He's so much more shy than his little Sister.... Here is right when my Mom walked in the door! SURPRISE!!!

And we danced the night away!!!
My Mom's friends and family danced, and danced, and danced!!! It was such a great time! I need to find a place locally that I can go dance at....such a BLAST!!!

Grandma got a special dance with her little King....Michael Jackson, of course. He thinks he is MJ, and even does the moonwalk for which he has named the "walk backwards with your head back"....lolololAnd I will leave you with one last endearing photo. These are my parents, and they have been married 32...THIRTY-TWO years. That is nothing to laugh at, that's serious!! And although my Dad isn't always the most romantic man...he has the sweetest heart and threw this entire party for my Mom.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN GRANDMA!!!!! her surprise present from us, we got her BABY GOATS!!!! She named them George and Emma....twins, 8 weeks old! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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