Friday, January 28, 2011

My Baby is Turning TWO!!

Sunday is a big day...London is turning two! Although we are having her party on Saturday, we plan on spending Sunday doing what she likes. I can not believe that 2 years ago I had this little bundle of joy inside my belly. London is the most loving little girl with hugs and kisses and a very calm little girl, BUT she is as feisty as they come! She yells at her Brother and bosses anyone who will listen around....a girl after my own heart <3!

When London was one month old we took her to Disneyland for her Brothers third birthday, and she gave us a run for our money while there. I think this was the first time my parents got to see her this way!

Grandma took the reigns for a little bit and they met up with their Fairy Godmother!
And to top the birthday off, we have been potty training her and I almost feel like my baby is leaving! She's a big girl now....she only has a few remnants left of baby-hood: pacifier, crib, and she still has not had a haircut!!! On that note, King Daddy and I have gone back and forth since the day she was born about cutting hair and piercing ears....neither are things I want to do, but he taunts me often about it! London's hair is just so pretty, and it curls down her back....I just can't bear to cut it. King Dad wants to cut bangs, and I absolutely can't do it....CAN NOT DO IT!!! My Sister and I were plagued with half-a-head bangs, and I just can't put my Daughter through that! King Dad and I made a deal that we would cut her hair on the 2nd birthday, but now that it's here....I don't want to do it!!!! So in the end the saying stays true: Happy Wife, Happy London's hair is staying!!!! Next post will be pictures of little Queen London's birthday party!!! Woo hoo!!!

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  1. I can't believe she's 2 already, either. WOW!

    And good luck with the potty training. It's hard. Miss Muffet is only JUST NOW deciding it's not such a bad idea to let it go in a toilet instead of a diaper that's just going to become uncomfortable. We've been trying off and on since she was 18 months old. Stubborn little mule of a child! hahaha

    If you don't want to cut her hair, then don't. Miss Muffet has bangs just because she's got a big old fricken forehead like her dad, so I keep it covered. LOL If you don't have any cosmetic reason to do it, then just leave it. You're the mom. Just tell the dad, "Cannot do it, not doing it, nope, sorry, she can keep her hair until she decides how she wants it." Same for the earrings. I'm not a believer in just taking a child's body and cutting off parts of it (circumcision) or poking holes in it (earrings). What if she doesn't WANT her ears pierced? You'll be taking that option away from her and that's not fair. When she can choose to do it, then go and do it, and make a big day out of it with lunch out, and a new purse for her, or something. Make it some kind of rite of passage, or something. It shouldn't get done just because. She's 2. She's got her whole life to poke extra holes in her head, and you can tell King Dad his auntie Gina said so! hahaha

    Have fun with the party! Can't wait to see pictures.