Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to make White Chocolate Cake Balls

So, if you follow my blog you have already seen the desert spread we set up for my Daughter's first birthday party. I had lollipops, cupcakes, oreo pops, caramel apples, and cake balls.

And here is an upclose picture of the jar filled with red velvet, cream cheese and white chocolate cake balls.

First, you need to bake your cake and let it cool completely. Once cool you need to mash it up until it looks very crumbly like below.

Then you want to mix room temperature cream cheese frosting in with the cake until it makes a mushy mess. When it is wet enough to form it, but dry enough to still be cake-ish. Then you will form the cake mix into small balls and place on wax paper.

I then put these formed balls into the freezer and let sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. It helps the frosting set up, and then you can really roll the balls into nice round balls. **(This would be the point in which you insert your lollipop stick. If you do this part, dip the end of the stick into your melted white chocolate and then put into the cake ball. Then put back in the freezer for a few minutes. This helps your lollipop stick stay in place better when dipping in white chocolate)**

I then rolled the balls to make then into nicer circles, and then dipped them in melted white chocolate.

I always melt my chocolate chips in the microwave. I microwave on high for 30 second intervals. If your chocolate isn't runny enough add a little vegetable oil to it and stir, stir, stir! Make sure you get all of your chips mixed together. I then dip the bottom of the ball into the white chocolate, then place on a fork. I then pour the white chocolate over the top of the ball and tap the fork until the excess chocolate drops off. Then move the ball back to the wax paper and sprinkle with pretties!! I used hot pink sugar sprinkles (bought locally at Michael's).

Here is an up close picture of the cake balls before refrigerating. I made these fun-fetti cake balls for a very special friend's baby shower, and there was not one left!! That is always a good sign!

And here is your finished product right before displaying.

I would love to see your version of these cake balls. Please email them to me!!

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