Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DIY Closet Door Handles Makeover!!

I have lived in our house for about a year and a half. We moved in just 2 months before London was born, and there were no handles on any of the closet doors anywhere! I always meant to put new pretty handles on, but never got to it...SURPRISE SURPRISE!! So this weekend I took all of the old handles (which were placed in a bowl in the hall closet) out, cleaned them really well, let them dry overnight, and gave them a few coats of good old black spray paint, and then let them dry overnight. Excuse the picture, since it was taken with my phone, but it looks way better!! If I could do it over again, and I might, I should have sprayed them off-white which would better match with the cabinets. You can also see that the itty bitty wall between the closets and the door. I put up vinyl letters with my husband and my initial in black. My kids have this same monogram on their door, but theirs is in white. Anyways, I have so much to do around my house, that there are no words to fully describe it!! But, this is a start!!

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