Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Terrarium Inspired Wedding Photo Shoot

I came across this wedding shoot...and it is gorgeous! I see where they are going with this, but think it would be unreasonable for a real wedding. I mean I had 225 people at my wedding, and my Sister had around 100, and you would have stock the table full to support that kind of wedding! But, in any event it is gorgeous!!!

I love the swizzle sticks, and birch wood box covered in moss!! I mean really love it!

And the jar with moss and mushrooms, I have made several of these, and they are just so impressive in real life!

Another picture of the birch tree box and yummy cupcakes. What's funny is that we displayed our cousin's cupcakes on pieces of cut tree trunks. I really think it adds another element to the venue.
And let me just say that I love those lollipops!!! And when I say love I mean more than love them!! I love moss too. I just put moss into the apothocary jars that sit on my fireplace mantle (I stacked river rocks, white potpourri, and then bright green moss).

(Photos by Oh, darling! Photography)

Check out the table all together. I love it, love it, love it, and think I may theme next years birthdays like this. What do you think? I want to throw Easton and London's party together. I was thinking "Snips and Snails" and "Sugar and Spice". I could do a woodsy-outdoor with LOTS OF SWEETS setting...I think I'm set! Hopefully, my kids agree!

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