Sunday, February 28, 2010

My dear sweet son turns 4!!!!!

Last weekend we had Easton's birthday party. I truly can not believe that my son is 4!! Pictured above are the sweets display I put together.
There were caramel apples, chocolate and white cupcakes with green cream cheese frosting, red vines, oreos, candy necklaces, pixie sticks, popcorn, and white chocolate covered oreos!
We went on an "adventure". Easton loves to go on adventures at my parents house, and we can be gone forever it seems like hunting dinosaurs or pretending to be avatar's. The second stop was at the chicken coop to pick up the dinosaur hats. Boys got dinosaur hats and girls got red baseball caps (only because I could not find enough dinosaur hats).
The third stop was at vine 23 (which is the actual day that Easton was born), and each child got to pick out a hidden dinosaur.
Our first stop was at the pumpkin carriage to pick up the kid's treasure bags which held candy (of course), and hunting gloves (gardening gloves).
The second stop was at the cow barn to hunt for bubbles of course! And maybe a few dinosaurs!
London and I went a hunting too! And do you notice Easton and London's shirts? I MADE THEM (with the help of my oh so talented Mother). The dinosaur is lighting the birthday candles with fire from his mouth! I thought they were that's all that matters!
Easton and Logan were in full force hunting for dinosaurs in all their gear!
Happy Birthday to our most sweet four year old son, Easton!
Can anyone else see the red vines in his teeth?!
And yes, London ate a cupcake of her own!
The best family picture I have seen in a long time! From left, London, Chi Tara, Daddy Eddie, Chi Tori, Easton, and Chi Tiffani. My Husband, our children, and my 3 Sister-in-laws.
Our good friends kids were making scary faces for the camera!
Thank you to everyone who came to Easton's birthday party. I love having everybody together!
And thank you from Easton (who on this day was an army wearing, dinosaur hunting BIRTHDAY BOY!)

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