Saturday, February 6, 2010

London's first ever birthday!

So on with my blogging I go. Recently I did a few things for my girlfriends baby shower and they really turned out beautifully! So I stole a few of their ideas and did London's birthday party. Please enjoy the pictures....I LOVE doing this stuff, creating is my fav!

So above is the candy table with lollipops, red velvet white chocolate cake balls, caramel apples, and candy galore!

I made this vase to hold lollipops at my girlfriend, Christine's baby shower, so I totally re-used it!

My fiesty little fiest, London Tami Lynn!

My sweet Daughter....she is the Queen of our hearts!

My family, the KING'S!

London sign I made, balloons my husband brought for Lu, the American Girl baby we gave her for her first birthday, the scooter and wicker teapot the Queen Grandma gave to our little girl.

My version of a lolligirl. In her previous life she was a Christmas paper mache girl who was broken, so I fixed her up!! I think I will change the signs for every birthday and this will grow with her....

I LOVE decorating, and I really should have made more of an effort when I was in art school....

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