Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parking it with the kids...

I called my house on my lunch hour and my sister-in-law answered. I thought "oh my, where did I call" and "who in the world is at my house". Anyways, my sis-in-law was there helping my husband get the kiddies ready to go to the park. How great is that?! I agree! BUT, I totally want to be there, and I can't be because I work during park hours! This has brought about a few feelings today, but the biggest one is that I sometimes forget how great my husband is. He doesn't unload the dishwasher when I ask him, or always say the right things, BUT he is the best father to our children. I hope he is having a great time with Chi Tiff, Lou, and Easton.

This picture is from their last park day about a week ago. In fact, it was one week ago.

This picture is from a few months ago. Chi sent me this picture while I was working. Can you believe that a fellow park parent asked how old "HE" was. Did she not see the pink giraffe socks, or the pink onesie. Now I must agree....there is no bow and I remind my Husband to ALWAYS put a bow on her, but sometimes a bow is the least important thing before leaving the house. I guess the blue cowboy blanket (thanks Berta!) could have fooled anybody, but London does have an older brother riding in the car with her.

This picture is from this weekend. I took the kids to the park near our house and let them play. To my surprise, there were a few "high maintenance mommies" there. I must remind myself NOT to judge them, but come on who brings their kids to the park in stiletto heeled hoochie boots? You won't catch me carrying a child in those!
I hope that my kids always remember their Dad and Chi taking them to the park to play. What a great memory they are making for our kids. Love you Daddy! Love you Chi! Love you ETK! Love you Lu!

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