Monday, June 6, 2011

Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl?

I have a disclaimer: this day did not go quite as planned, BUT...
It was such a fun day. I couldn't sleep, so I got up early (for a weekend) and started baking cupcakes (four dozen to be exact). Knight I helped me mix and pour the cupcakes into the baking cups. While the cupcakes were cooling we fed kids, vacuumed floors, bleached bathroom floors, cleaned counter tops...pretty much did stuff that had to wait until the last minute or else they would be worthless with 2 little ones running around! So around 11:00am the Queen Grandma came over to help finish up, BUT...she couldn't help, she had something to her back while picking out stuff from upstairs at the ranch house and was in extreme extreme pain. I asked her if she needed to go to the emergency room, but she refused. So around 12:30pm the King Daddy helped her out of the chair and into her vehicle. We called Grandpa and told him to watch for her because she could not get out of her car by herself. At 2:00pm Grandpa called and said that they were going to the emergency room and would not be at our gender reveal party. Needless to say I was very disappointed that they would miss all the fun, but we let the Queen Grandma go with us to the ultrasound and we swore her to secrecy, so she already knew what the sex was. So about this time I started taking fun pictures of my sweet kids. Below is Easton kissing favorite!

London is trying to look mad....
Easton is doing a goofy face.

So here is the final table. I tried to keep is very simple. I made cupcakes, hollowed out the center and filled them with the appropriate colored frosting, then frosted the tops with just enough frosting to hide the color of frosting.

Here is the pink side. King Daddy ran and picked up the last few things (since the Queen Grandma couldn't bring her stuff). We had pink and white animal cookies and red licorice bites.

Here is the blue side. In the jar in the back was salt water taffy and blue cookies and creme kisses.
Again, the finished table for our small gathering.

Best picture of my kids and I. The other pictures are better of me, but not as cute of my kiddies. And about a half of a second earlier Easton had his hand on my belly too, but boys are embarrassed, I suppose. Also, you can kind of see my really can't tell until I'm like 7 months pregnant (because I'm so tall I think), but I guess it's better this way...I never look HUGE!
Here is team PINK!

Here is team BLUE!
Everyone had just opened their's a.....

BOY!!!!!!!!!!! There is blue frosting inside those cupcakes!!

My Grandma said "Oh no, it's a boy". She was not so happy! It was actually the response we expected from her....So, in October a sweet baby boy will join our family making the count: 2 blue and 1 pink; and my parents grandchild count: 4 blue and still only 1 pink princess!!!

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  1. You look fantastic!

    Congratulations on your future little boy!

    *begins wondering what to make...*