Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...goats and a funny story...

So firstly, I would like to introduce 2 goats to you...Emma and George. Emma is standing on top of the crate and George is somewhat hiding behind the crate. For the Queen Grandma's 50th birthday we adopted two 8 week old baby goats. We surprised her with them.
Here they are after the Queen Grandma started to build then pen bigger as they grow. They are about 4 months old here.

When the goats pen was built out, the chickens were moved closer to the goats, so George is checking the chickens out and scoping the scene.

Here is my sweet Queen feeding the goats. Emma is the sweeter one, and she eats right out of the kids' hands. She also walks on leash. It's amazing to see my Daughter blossoming into a little farm girl.

Again, here is London feeding Emma. Emma happened to walk right up to London on this day and KISS HER right smack on the face. Well, I suppose a farm girl has a certain bond with her animal friends. So, on to the funny story...today the Queen Grandma looks out her window and sees a goat walking around her porch. So she quickly runs outside thinking that goats are out and loose. Well to her surprise, this goat on the porch IS NOT ONE OF HERS. Can you imagine the surprise when Queen Grandma see some random goat playing on her porch. She keeps teasing us that all the goats in the area can hear Emma cry for her, so they are coming to see what Emma is talking about. You see, Emma cries whenever the Queen Grandma leaves her...Emma wants to be right next to our Queen Grandma. So the neighbors come over (they have several goats, but all are pigmy goats) to see if this random goat is their goat...IT IS NOT THEIRS EITHER!!! So this leaves us wondering...whose goat is this and where did HE come from? Since HE is most definately a HE, Queen Grandma sent him to live with the pigmy's until his proper owner can be found, or forever depending on whether or not he gets along with the pigmy's. But one thing is for sure....HE can not live with the Queen Grandma. We do not need any more baby goats on this farm!

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