Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Today is filled with so many different emotions for me. Today is the day that my Husband (then my Boyfriend) taped a note and a rose to my window while I was at work and I knew I was smitten. We talked late late that night once i got home (because cell phones weren't cool yet). Then...three years ago today I picked my Son up from my Mother-in-law at 12:30 (because she needed to go to work), and at 1:08 pm our world stopped. She was in a horrible car accident. 12:30 was the last time I got to talk to her. We lost such a force in our life that the pieces have been crumbling around ever since. So there, that's the story (in short form). I want to remember the great things about her today.

Tami used to have fresh baked Hawaiian bread ready when I got done with the high school football games. (I would always sneak over to my boyfriends house after the games before curfew)

Tami went with me to every wedding dress fitting with my Mom and I.

Tami and I talked to each other every day, and would just sit chatting about anything and nothing at the same time.

Tami would just giggle when I told her of plans I had for a party, or school, or whatever.

Tami was the third person to know that I was pregnant with Easton, and she made me take one MORE pregnancy test just to make sure.

Between my Mom and Tami, I had someone with me during every doctors appointment when I was pregnant with Easton.

Tami was there the day we found out we were going to have a precious baby boy.

Tami was there the day we had our precious baby boy.

Tami watched Easton for us when I went back to work.

Tami was there for our Son's first robot birthday party.

And we were making plans for Easton's second birthday when she was taken from us just ten days before our little turned 2.

We will never let our children forget what a great person their Grandma was. We will always take her new flowers, so her resting place is as close to as beautiful as she was. We will never forget what we had, and what we lost so tragically. We will continue to see what a wonderful Mother she was, through her four wonderful children (one of which I got to marry!!). So today I will remember Tami! We love you!!

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