Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Graduation Party 2010

December 11, 2010 I did something that has been in the works for many, many years....I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE!!! I know there is no time frame to finish something that important, I wish I would have done this years ago!!!

My sweet Son came and supported me, and he was such a trooper.
1:00pm-2:00pm car ride to school
2:00-3:00pm wait for the ceremony while holding seats
3:00-4:30pm watch boring adult graduation ceremony
4:45-5:15pm car ride to restaurant
5:15-5:35pm wait for seats at restaurant
5:35pm-6:35pm eat in an adult establishment
6:35-7:05pm car ride home

Of course, my Husband, who watched the kids, listened to me cry when I was frustrated, dropped off dinner at school, brought stuff I had forgotten, and generally helped to put me through this schooling.

My parents who had this dream for me, and both said that "this was the best Christmas gift they could have received this year". They wanted this for me the first time I went to school, and second time I enrolled, and I finally decided enough was enough and applied for graduation!!!

Here are my: (from left) Sister-in-law Tiffani, Husband Eddie, Son Easton, me!, Sister-in-law Tori, and Sister-in-law Tara.......who watched me walk this walk...and their Mom would have been there will bells on if she could have been (and I suspect that she was there anyways)!

These girls are so important to me, and I hope to someday watch each one of them do the same walk I did!
My Mom and Cousin Janice threw this amazing get together for me, and wait till you see all the details!!!! Do you see that cake?!!! Piece O Cake by Olivia made this cake, and it was exactly what my Mom had in mind!!!

Again, Piece O Cake by Olivia designed, completed, and delivered this amazing cake!
It is no surprise that my Mom put this display together, and it is all things that are loved by us! We always make caramel apples, like for everything!!!, vintage desserts, keys to our heart, frames and pears (there is a side story to this: when my Husband and I got married oh so many years ago, and our theme was red and tan, with pears "Quite a pear"!! lololol, so it is no surprise that these pears would make a surprise appearance at my graduation party).
Do you see those cupcakes with fondant toppers??? Olivia made those too, yep! There were four designs, but my absolute favorite was the one with the silhouette on it. The silhouette was a graduate (me) holding the hands of her two adorable kids (made exclusively for this event).
Nobody can turn down red velvet cupcakes!!!!
This hand towel was the inspiration for the entire party, and my Mom did an amazing job!! I created the silhouette that is framed above the towel, and I was able to keep it afterwards to remind myself forever that I DID IT!!! With a Husband, and 2 kids in tow!!
And a very good family friend made these sugar cookies, and let me just tell you that they are amazing...not like good, like I ate the entire bag that night while I stayed up late with my Sister-in-law talking!!!
We did not take my Daughter to the actual graduation because can you imagine an almost 2 years old having to stick to that schedule I outlined earlier for my Son? Uh, no! She stayed home with the friend who made those sugar cookies!!
And here is the last picture from my party...my beautiful Sister-in-laws. I want to formally and publicly thank my Mother who listened to me, gave me advice, and who threw me this party. My Dad may have helped too! And to my Husband, who again, helped to push me to do this. To my kids, who gave me the drive to do it. And to my Mother-in-law who would have been there with bells on, and I believe she was there. She is probably the one who poked me, and reminded me that I needed to DO IT!!!!!
And thank you to all who read this blog....I love what I do!!!!

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  1. Huge congratulations! This is awesome! It's hard to go to school when you have kids, so finishing after you start your family is a major achievement, and only people who are in the same boat can truly appreciate what an accomplishment this is.

    My hat is off, girlfriend! Good job!