Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mismatchy is in right?!

Okay, so I did the funniest/silliest thing of my life yesterday. About 11:00am somebody came in my office and commented on my clothing, so I stood up to model my pants, and I look down, AND I HAD TWO DIFFERENT SHOES ON!!! Literally, I had on one black boot, and one brown boot!! I didn't even notice!!!

So, the back story: when I am getting dressed I don't put my glasses on, so when I'm looking through the floor of my closet for my shoes I can usually tell the difference without my glasses, but apparently yesterday I could not! And secondly, I didn't turn the overhead light on yesterday, I only turned on my nightstand light. So, as a note......I made very sure that I had on matching shoes today!!!!

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