Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

One of the Queen Grandma's friends came into town, so we decided to throw a little tea party. Theresa (Friend) used to make cookies when I was a child, so we asked Theresa if she would teach our kids how to bake cookies. She went step by step, and each kid got a turn to help make the cookies. Below are the pictures!

These are the Carriage kids...111Knights and one little fiesty Queen!

Mrs. R taught the middle Knight how to cut and measure butter for chocolate chip cookies.

Next it was the 1st Knight's turn...

Knight 1 was really into this mixing, measuring and baking thing!

Again, Knight 1 pouring sugar...

The Baby Knight helped too....who can tell that the 3rd Knight is only 9 DAYS older than the fiesty Queen?!

The little Queen was not so interested in mixing...she liked eating the cupcakes best!

The baby knight was the mixer boy.

Alice kept track of the time for us, and the Caterpillar relaxed alongside the biscotti, fresh fruit, and caramel dipped apples.

I made these toppers for the bags of chocolate chip cookies we would all take home. They say "Eat me. Hurry, oh my, it's getting late!" And a little tidbit: the mad hatter in the photo is the 1st Knight!!!
Here are the Ghiradelli chocolate brownies, raspberry butter cream and fresh strawberries. Each person at the party had a tag placed in a goody.

The cat was very curious...

My name is Leah, and my favorite of all favorites is chocolate dipped bananas! So I put my tag in the banana. There were white chocolate raspberry cupcakes in the back also....mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
So here is my tea party. The 1st Knight just said "Mom, I want one of those chocolate things. Where are they?" Oh my sweet boy....they were gone days ago!!!!

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