Thursday, May 12, 2011

Harboring a little secret...

So, you know how I've been saying that I'm super busy, and I just can't find the motivation to craft, and how London wore a shirt that had to be decoded by the rest of our family? Well that's because we are having another baby!!! Surprise, another little King or Queen is on the way, and we just can't wait to meet the little avocado (you see, babycenter says that as of today, our little baby is the size of an avocado)!! We will find out in about 3 weeks what sex the baby is, and we can't wait. Eddie and I think we have come up with the perfect names, but we are going to keep the names a secret until we know what the baby is. THEN, we are going to surprise the Queen Grandma. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do a reveal that is special and fun? Please let me know! So without further ado....BABY KING 3

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  1. Congratulations.

    And yes, I have an idea that's fun---you give a FAKE name to everyone, and then keep the REAL name to yourselves until the baby is born.

    That way, if no one likes the name you pick, they can't try to talk you out of it.

    Or, just do what we did--tell everyone they'll find out when the baby is born and leave it at that. It drives them up the wall, and it's almost a guarantee they won't like the name you chose, but by then, it's too late, and they can't do anything but accept your decision.